How much does golf and fishing go hand in hand?

Have you ever walked across a lake or pond without realizing it is part of a golf course? There are several people who have a nice time at the lake or pond fishing or enjoying a bright day. A sunny day typically invites several people on to a green lawn or pond and kids especially enjoy fishing with their fathers. A holiday on summer is joyous for kids as they get to go fishing with their fathers; it is fun for the men as it creates an occasion for a game of golf. A bright sunny day and a leisurely game of golf Is a perfect combination.

Fishing and golfing go hand in hand not because both can be done simultaneously alone; it is also because these bother ea relaxing stress busters. Fishing is something that could be done in between your game of golf. Remember a pond or lake in between a golf course adds that thrill to the game. It is one best way to take your shots to next level. Also the fishing experience in such lakes is double fun just because you get to see the shots taken by the golf players as well. So many kids who had been to fishing and seen golf players take their shots have shown keen interest towards the game in the later stage of their lives.

Why do most of the golf courses have a lake or pond, and what does these both hobbies of several people have in common?

Fishing and golfing are both life-long hobbies

Taking up a hobby is one thing which is very important in every one’s life. It brings down the stress levels and helps people lead a healthy and relaxed life. Although not all hobbies could be pursued all through the life as some might could get demanding. As you grow older, there are certain things you could not pursue as you might not be in great physical shape or might lose interest in some. If running was your hobby, as you get old you might not be able to pursue it any further. If you have stamp collection as your hobby, you might lose interest in some time or would have collected most stamps that could be acquired.

Fishing is a hobby which one could pursue all through his life. Be an eight year old or 80 year old, both could enjoy an outing and have fun getting hold of some fishes across the lake. Golf is a game which both a 20 year old and 60 year old could enjoy alike. When you go golfing, you would have seen so many older players who would remind you of your grandfather. These two are types of exquisite sports which you could enjoy as much as you always have all throughout your life.

Both fishing and golfing let you enjoy a bright beautiful day

Not all games allow you to enjoy a bright sunny day as much as golf or fishing. The games allow you to relax much and spend a leisure day out of your house. It brings you out of your monotonous every day rituals and allows you to enjoy the weather while you are actually winding up. Yeah some people prefer playing basket ball on a holiday, but is it as relaxing as a game of golf or fishing while constantly chatting with your friend? No and not even near! Also watching a match on TV could nowhere get closer to having a real game on a sunny day outside.

Have a drink while you are having fun!

So there are about no games which allow you to have a drink while you are actually playing. Fishing and golfing are a boon that way for players who wish to have a beer or a cigar while they are busy fishing or playing. In most sports, a person carrying alcohol in hands is often frowned upon and not allowed to participate. Now fishing and golf both you could enjoy with a can of beer. In fact a game of golf is so much more fun when you have alcohol by your side along with snacks as well. Just remember to dispose the waste properly and you will be fine. You could carry your own drinks cases to the course. When you have those long shots, and great company, you sure want some alcohol to keep your spirits up.

You could gang up and play

There are very few games which you could form a gang with your friends or loved ones and play. Both fishing and golf are such games where you could team up with your friends, make a day’s plan, have fun in leisure. Both these games allow you to have a chat with your friends while you are at it and there is no disruption in the sport as well. So if you have not caught on with your friends for long and want to spend a relaxed day outside your home, you could either go for fishing or a game of golf. Golf is a game which is perfect to play with friends. It will surely be the best time you have played and have had fun at a golf course.

Golf like fishing is very relaxing

Every single person who has played golf in his life would like to agree on how much the game could relax you by bringing down the tension and stress level. After a hectic week at work, a perfect way to relax will be to play a game of golf ( on a sunny day outside in the course. Imagine greenery all around you, lakes, trees and peace surrounding you while you are concentrating on hitting a shot. This one game could never ruin the amount of fun you could have while playing. Fishing is similarly relaxing with a perfect landscape at the background. The sports are both perfect for a leisure time easing the body physically while parallel numbing your mental stress.